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Main » 2012 » Tháng 7 » 10 » Nude bath with ‘ecological’ girls on island beach
7:59 PM
Nude bath with ‘ecological’ girls on island beach
The nouveau riche, especially in the Mekong Delta, prefers ‘nouveau’ forms of entertainment befitting their newly-acquired status, such as taking a nude bath on a desert beach with local call girls whom they call ‘ecological girls’ or ‘clean vegetables.’
These are mostly young, good-looking women who are so defined to differentiate them from professional prostitutes – "polluted” females considered unsafe for men on the lookout for pleasures. These girls may have a steady job or are unemployed, single or married, but all are willing to accompany rich men during their fun-seeking trips for a handsome payment.

The temptation of earning big money for a day of fun and entertainment with rich men have turned many local girls away from conceptions of ‘virtuous’ women in this conservative Vietnam. Though not prostitutes, they agree to engage in drinking, singing and nude bath and other entertainment at night in return for VND1 million (US$50) -- more than half of their monthly factory salary.

Going into hotels with the men is not unthinkable for these girls mainly in the age group of 16-22, who measure their self-worth in money.

Nude bath on the beach

In the early morning on September 3, a real estate tycoon in Can Tho City, Le Nam, and his friends made a 500km journey towards Phu Quoc Island of Kien Giang Province to seek ‘ecological girls’ to be his drinking and bathing companions on the beach.

On the 30km road from Phu Quoc Airport to Bai Sao beach of Phu Quoc Island, a taxi driver named Thanh mentioned ‘nude bath’ after exchanging brief greetings with his passengers.

"I know many pretty girls who are ‘clean vegetables’ here. They are all good-looking and well-behaved. You pay them each from 500,000 dongs to a million depending on their physical looks,” he made a tentative sales pitch and checked in the rear mirror to see if the passengers had taken the bait.

"It’s terrific to have some ‘fairies’ to drink and take a nude bath with you on these romantic, virgin beaches here,” he tempted his guests further.

"You wouldn’t want to miss out on the local specialty for an exciting experience,” he added, feeling sure of getting some tips for his middle-man service.

Arriving at Bai Sao beach, Nam hired a small cruise ship for VND3.5 million ($170) to cruise towards the other small islet An Thoi -- about an hour ride from Bai Sao.

Three ‘ecological girls’ appeared and introduced themselves as Thuy, Diem and Lan. They got on board the ship and quickly fell in line with the men. Two of them said they worked as waitresses at a local restaurant while the third one said she was a seafood processing worker.

They all knew how to hold their liquor and keep the men in good spirit.

After some beer on the dock, Nam pulled the girl sitting on his thigh closer and whispered something into her ears, to which she only smiled shyly and looked down.

Their destination was Gieng Tien (Fairy Well) beach where there is a unique well providing fresh and clean water on An Thoi islet.

They split into pairs and went behind some large rocks half emerged from the water to take off all clothes. A moment later each pair appeared, hand in hand, rushing into the water and beginning to bathe, the water rising to their chests.

The men and women played games, splashed water on each other and burst into laughter.

girl 2

After finishing a session of nude bath with male clients, this ‘fairy’ wraps around her body with a towel and walks along a beach in Phu Quoc Island (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

An assistant chef on the ship named Tuong said knowingly, "That’s nude bath. Dozens groups of rich men from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Rach Gia and Ca Mau come here every week for that.”

"Some even hired my ship to travel around the Phu Quoc Island for 3-4 days with young girls. It’s completely private,” he said.

The group of girls and men remained in the water until a sudden rain poured down and they returned to the ship for one more drinking bout. The girls sat at the table with the men in their wet clothes that exposed all their underwear.

They raised their glasses and bottomed up until late afternoon.

The taxi that took them back to the hotel stopped at a jewels’ shop on the way. Each of the three girls went in and later emerged with a gift package in their hands. Lan took out a pair of ear-rings and a pearl necklace worth around VND1.5 million ($73).

"It’s worthwhile for a whole day of being submerged in the cold water,” Lan said loudly.

Just a phone call

The taxi driver Thanh boasted he has the contacts of 30 ‘ecological girls,’ especially two 19-year-old students at a college in the mainland Rach Gia.

"It costs US$100 to have each of them. They look like fashion models,” Thanh assured his guests.

He also revealed that visitors can also contact owners or staffs of any cruise ship to order the girls of any standards and pay them some tips.

Thanh even called a man he said was the owner of a ship and passed the phone to his passengers. A man’s voice on the other end of the line spoke explicitly, "I can send you the girls on Phu Quoc Island or the girls on other smaller islets such as An Thoi or Hon Thom. They are all young with sun-burnt skin and long legs. They can swim well and will go all out for you. If you agree, give me 200,000 dongs as tips.”

Taxi motorbike riders or some restaurant staff or owners on Phu Quoc are also one of the links in the supply chain catering to the rich men looking for ‘ecological girls.’

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Nudist beaches are popular in Europe. They are, however, only populated by over 50's, predominantly fat, wrinkly westerners. Not sure if this is the same concept, certainly a different execution.
Written by Sergeant Heo , 1 March 2012 17:46

What a neat article. I had no iknlnig.
Written by , 5 January 2012 15:51

I like sex.. its all good and fun. If these girls "clean vegetables" decided to do this.. it is there freedom. Your only young for a short time.
Written by Giang , 28 September 2011 09:11

Fat cats can play with pussycats, and that's that!
Written by Hanoiite , 18 September 2011 09:27

I don't protest "nude bath" because it is natural instinct of human, "bathed must be naked!". If you and trust your girlfriend get nude bath together in somewhere on the beach so I'm very welcome! But anythings that we're talking to that is disguise prostitution! Those aren't suitable with habits and customs of Vietnamese.
Written by changhiu , 18 September 2011 08:45

wow that sounds really fun!
Written by dave , 17 September 2011 18:05

care for workers life better no fairy nude on the sea
Written by thaole , 17 September 2011 16:29

Why did you blame them? Is that they can do what you cannot do? Is it time for us to think that "nude bath" is a kind of service? Because I know that it is popular in some foreign countries. I realize that whether "nude bath" is accepted as a normal product or not belongs to thought of the majority in society. However, I think that it is so normal. This service has been existed because of its demand. Maybe, now, you, some of you, or most of you disagree with this service but you will have to accept it as a part of market. When we recognize it, we can control it better and better. I believe that we cannot diminish this service because it can satisfy two sides including sellers and customers. This service will be more complicated and hazardous if it is banned.
Written by Thuat Phan , 16 September 2011 22:37

i blame the economy. being poor as they are, the activity they are engaging in earns a greater return for them. i am disappointed in what's happening.
Written by xilex , 16 September 2011 09:40

Who ensures for these eco-girls that are "clean vegetables"!Ultimate, whoredom is still whoredom so! How unfortunate, they will poluted places that ought to have considered like the immortals of VN nature and stuned down nice images of VN front eyes of foreigners!
Written by Changhiu , 16 September 2011 07:52

It's such a shame that these young, poor girls are exploited by older men who should know better. I don't blame the girls. I blame the men.
Written by james , 15 September 2011 21:21
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