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The first problem they often encounter is that they can not avoid using more money than usual. As a matter of fact, they have to pay more money for their studying, living cost and other consumptions, such as, cell phone expenses, rentals, books, materials, internet
and eating. Besides, in order to make their love colorful and romantic, they sometimes spend a large sum of money on buying gifts to give their lover on

special occasions as Valentine’s Day, the international Women’s Day, the Vietnamese Women’s Day, the birthday of their boyfriend or girlfriend or even on their first meeting’s Day, for example. Moreover, eating out and drinking out are common expenses during the love stage.

The more serious one is that love can use their studying time up. According to the teaching and learning styles at university, students are happily liberated from studying by heart every day. In contrast, they need to invest more time in the u ... Xem thêm

Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 1076 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 11-07-10

Hi everyone !

I was very happy to join the
meeting for Vietnamese English Teachers at
the Resourse Centre for Community Development of An Giang university.Right here, I was lucky to meet Mrs. Tony, a dedicated volunteer English Teacher of the centre, I got a lot of useful in formation from her and especially she introduced  to us a new software "the audacity" ,and howed us  how to work on the Wiwi . She also  enouraged us to
practise speaking English daily using the audacity.I really enjoy
this activity and often do it in the morning. I hope that you will
find out something interesting from my "own" programme. Bye bye.

 By Tamdang

Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 598 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 29-06-10

To help English teachers at High schools improve their methodology and speaking skills, the Resource Centre for Community development of An Giang University held a meeting for high school teachers for two days ( 22 -23 , June 2010). Mrs Tony , a volunteer English teacher at the centre presented some interesting activities : playing games, watching films, using Audacity etc. Although the meeting lasted only two days, we got a lot of useful information and excitement there. We hope that more meetings like this will be held for English learners and teachers. By the way I'd like to say " thanks a lot" to Mrs. Tony Hull and Mrs. Vuong Thi My Tam, the director of the Resource Centre for Community Development .
Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 566 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 23-06-10

       Spring Festival 2009 has come to an end and has made me think a lot about university life. As an English-majored student, I am always interested in this very special event held by the Department of Foreign
Languages. For this reason, I feel very excited and eager every time when Spring Festival comes. For me, this is a great opportunity for English-majored students not only to relax but also to show their abilities in speaking English and expressing emotions in English. Therefore, this event could partly be considered a "reservation” for students majoring in English to "brighten” themselves.

        Before this interesting occasion, students of English classes had had hard but enjoyable time giving the performances of their own works. I
am very keen on acting so I’d written a short skit named "Stop on time” telling about students’ bad habit of gambling. As we - my teachers,
classmates and I- rehearsed the skit, I’ve learned a lot of interesting lessons. I’ve realized that "two heads are better than one”. Unification is very important to our success. I myself couldn’t make the skit successful. Thus, as the unprofessional actors and actresses gathered, more ideas have been added to the skit so that it became funny and meanin ... Xem thêm

Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 732 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 06-01-10

Studying at High School and University

I am a first-year student of An Giang University. I am very happy that I can continue my studies so that I will become a teacher as I have wished for years. Some years ago, I used to think that everything at high school and at university was similar, so I was surprised when I first came to An Giang University because it was very different; however, there were also some similarities. Now I would like to tell you about the similarities and the differences between life as a high school student and life as a university student.

I was proud that I was a student of Thoai Ngoc Hau High School. It was the most famous school of An Giang Province, so it was rather large. There were thirty six classes with over four hundred students and about sixty teachers. It had two computer labs but they were single-user computers, so we used them only to study informatics. There was also a library, it was rather small compared with a well-equipped public library. When we studied gymnastics or organized sport matches, we entered the gymnasium; however, it didn’t have enough apparatuses. The school-yard was wide enough for us to play sports after 5 p.m everyday. When we felt sick or had a pain in our body, we could have come to the school clinic. Every month, we had some activities for each subject such as present ... Xem thêm

Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 1364 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 06-01-10

International Cooperation has been being considered one of the tasks of priority in the development strategy of the University of Social
Sciences and Humanities (USSH). At present, the USSH has signed cooperative agreements with more than 100 international partners
including universities, institutions, foundations, agencies, organizations from many countries:
  • Argentine: National University of La Plata (Institute of International Relations), National University of Rio Cuarto.
  • Australia:
    University of New South Wales (Korea - Australasia Research Centre ), Australia National University (Research School of Pacific and Asian
    Studies), Willcox English College,
  • Belgium: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Brazil: University of Brasilia Foundation
  • Canada: University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • China:
    Baise College, Beijing University for Finance and Economics, Guangdong University for Foreign Studies, Guangxi Economic Management Cadre College, Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi Education College, Guangxi College of Finance and Economics, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxi Dongfang Foreign Language College, Guangxi University, Peiking University, Qinzhou College, Yunnan National ... Xem thêm
Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 716 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 25-09-09

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