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(theo giao duc) - Phát biểu trong lễ tốt nghiệp của các học sinh lớp 12 Trường trung học Wellesley High ở bang Massachusetts (Mỹ) tuần trước, giáo viên tiếng Anh David McCollough Jr đã gây sốc khi nói thẳng: "Các em chẳng có gì đặc biệt”.

Thế nhưng, bài phát biểu của David McCollough lại được nhiều tờ báo và hãng tin Mỹ đăng tải, và thu hút được hàng chục ngàn comment (bình luận) trên mạng Internet, phần lớn đều ủng hộ thông điệp của ông McCollough.

Trong bài diễn văn tại lễ tốt nghiệp năm 2012, thay vì lặp lại những câu sáo mòn như "Chúng tôi rất tự hào về các em”, "Các em rất tài năng”, "Thế giới là của các em”..., ông McCollough đưa ra một thông điệp mà giới truyền thông Mỹ mô tả là "Xin chào mừng các em đến với cuộc đời thực”.

Wellesley High là trường công nổi tiếng ở thị trấn giàu có Wellesley, có truyền thống lâu đời và từng sản sinh nhiều nhân tài cho nước Mỹ. David McCollough Jr là con trai của nhà sử học - nhà văn David McCollough, người từng đoạt giải thưởng Pulitzer.

Trước các học sinh của mình đang xúng xính trong bộ đồng phục tốt nghiệp giống nhau, đang háo hức cầm trên tay tấm bằng, McCollough dõng dạc nói rằng "Các em chẳng có gì là đặc biệt”, "chẳng có gì là phi thường”! Một gáo nước lạnh như được giội xuống mọi thành tích vẻ vang của trường!

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Category: Nhân vật và sự kiện | Views: 551 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 05-07-12

Hotel staffs in the red-light districts have often become reluctant witnesses to tricks and traps set up by prostitutes to rob or steal money and other assets from their male clients.

Usually, a client who appears loaded enough with money will fall victim to their traps, with the aid from other male gangsters who are also their pimps.

After leaving a wedding party in Hoc Mon District after having a few drinks, NVD picked a street girl on his way home on national highway 22 near An Suong Bus Station. They agreed on a ‘happy deal’ of VND200,000 (US$10) for an hour of fun.

After NVD had paid VND50,000 ($2.5) for a room in a nearby motel, the girl changed her mind and insisted on raising her ‘labor cost’ to VND500,000. While he was trying to cut a bargain with her, she abruptly left the room.

NVD rushed out after her only to run into three rough-looking men waiting outside who punched him in the face and asked him to pay VND500,000 if he did not want to be beaten up.

After taking VND500,000 from him, they further demanded that he pay another VND200,000 to cover for their fuel cost to get to the motel. Not wishing to risk his life, NVD bitterly complied with the request.

In the face of these incidents, hotel staffs often choose to stay out as they do not want to get involv ... Xem thêm
Category: Nhân vật và sự kiện | Views: 634 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 05-07-12

"Wanna have some pleasure for 300,000 dongs? Rent of room included.”

Most men riding their bikes alone in some streets in Ho Chi Minh City would find themselves the target of these sex solicitations in public, regardless whether it is during day time or night.

Part 1: "Red light” districts in Ho Chi Minh City
Part 2: Street prostitutes cum robbers
Local models embrace Euro with body painting
‘Super parties’ with sexy shows and luxury cars
Berlin red light district turns into art hub
Nude bath with ‘ecological’ girls on island beach

Though banned in Vietnam, prostitution has never been completely eliminated – driven underground during police crackdown campaigns and thriving when police enforcement is lax.

The "butterflies of the night,” as the prostitutes are commonly referred to by the locals, ply their trade around certain streets in Ho Chi Minh City, some riding motorbikes, others on bicycles or just standing under the tree shades on street pavements.

Picking up one of the girls on the streets to have a few brief moments of sexual pleasure, male customers sometimes get more than what they have bargained for. As some men are getting ready in the toilet, the girls disappear from the hotel, together ... Xem thêm
Category: Nhân vật và sự kiện | Views: 689 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 05-07-12

Online marriage brokerage activity has become more popular and sophisticated with numerous websites opening in Vietnam and other countries like China to introduce Vietnamese brides to foreigners.

Dozens of Chinese websites have been opened and publicly operated to introduce Vietnamese girls to Chinese men.

They use a wide array of promotional tricks to lure customers. For instance, the tagline ‘We are the most prestigious marriage brokers in Vietnam’. Some use the well-known Vietnamese song Beo dat may troi (Flowing duckweed, wandering cloud) for background music and post images of Ms. Vietnam winners on their home pages.

Their consultants are always available on hot lines or QQ, the most popular chat software in China, to serve customers.

"Vietnamese brides are obedient and will never run away unless they are beaten,” a consultant nicknamed ‘deng’ said. Another, named ‘sa sa’, advertised that "We have plenty of brides for you to select.”

With a click, customers can choose their wives from among hundreds of prospective brides. Some websites even have forums for ... Xem thêm
Category: Nhân vật và sự kiện | Views: 527 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 05-07-12

While members of a women’s rights group in Ukraine have been stripping to their waist to protest against the month-long Euro 2012 to be co-hosted between their country and Poland, two Vietnamese models have done something different: they wear body painting to welcome the championship.

Models Sella Truong and Tu Hanh Van exposed their curvy body under paintwork featuring the national flags of the two co-hosts of the European football championship, which kicks off tonight.

Truong, who also played in several TV series and wide-screen movies, has her body painted white and red to represent Poland; while Van, who earlier this year debuted on the silver screen with a role in the badly-reviewed "Cam Hung Hoan Hao” (The Perfect Inspiration), chooses the yellow of Ukraine.

The photo shoot was spread widely amongst local newswires, but audience responses were aimed at discouraging to the two models.

"The photos are unnatural, not real body painting art, and Photoshop-intervened,” netizens said on certain websites.

As the two are not really well-known in the local show business, some also see the photos as an attempt to spread their names and images.

Below are some photos published by newswire:

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Category: Nhân vật và sự kiện | Views: 568 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 05-07-12

A mistake in printing test papers made Nguyen Thanh Huy, a twelfth grader at Ho Chi Minh City’s Bui Thi Xuan high school, receive a below-average grade of 2.5, instead of his deserved perfect score of 10 on the English multiple choice test taken during the high school graduation exam in early June.

After receiving the result two weeks ago, Huy was shocked to learn he only got 2.5 for English, a subject he had been doing well in at school. His family was frustrated while teachers at school were surprised by the grade.

Huy later applied to have his test reexamined, and his high school also demanded that the board of judges mark the exam thoroughly again.

"The result turned out to be the same using a digital marking system. When we did it manually, the test scored 10 out of 10,” Nguyen Minh Hoang, vice director of the Department of Education and Training, told Tuoi Tre.

Hoang explained that a mistake in printing exam papers led to the case of mis-grading Huy’s test, apparently the only such error among all of the tests. His paper was shorter than the others, and the machine was thus unable to recognize all the answers.

After discovering this reason, the committee also reexamined 100 English tests at the request of candidates, and the results remained the same.
Category: Nhân vật và sự kiện | Views: 559 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 04-07-12

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