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Presents for teachers at Tet- an obvious evidence of inequality in society
Since our country joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), there has been a great change in every aspect of life, but one thing remains unchanged : the salary of teachers throughout the country is still low and presents for them at Tet are at the bottom compared to those for other careers . I remember that Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, the former Minister of Education and now the Deputy Prime Minister said that in 2010 every teacher was able to live on their own salary. But one thing worth mentioning is that what the word " ENOUGH" in his statement implies. As a teacher of English, though I work as a tutor overtime to earn extra money (overtime pay), I still find that life is hard. The price of goods is going up steadily day by day while an average salary of a new-recruited teacher is enough for his basic needs let alone support his family members. Wow, Such is life !The educational authorities also realize that worrisome problem from the media , but they do nothing. Every day when we turn on the radio or computer, we can see and hear a lot about teachers'salary and presents on Tet festival. The" song about salary", I think, is cited in the next years ,whic ... Xem thêm
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Should there be a definite revolution in our school education and testing system ?
One of the most worrisome / worrying problems nowadays is that whether the Department of training and education should conduct a revolution in the education system  and testing system . Should we change the national exams such as the National high school Graduation exam, the University Entrance exam, etc.? It is believed that Vietnam's Education system and testing one are so heavy and rough that it may cause students to get exhausted before they finish their studies. Without doubt, these burdens must be abolished, but the problem is that when and how the government should start this revolution ? According to the draft for Educational Justification, There have been two options for the subjects in the National High School Graduation Exam ,in which students only take 4 subjects for the GCSE exam:
-Group 1: Maths-Literature and two other subjects selected from Physics, Chemistry , History and Geography.
-Group 2: Maths-Literature-English and one more subject chosen from Physics, Chemistry , History and Geography.In the thoughts of students and their parents whether the first or the second group is applied, they believe that this change will definitely lead to a better future for the Education of Vietnam.
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VietNamNet Bridge – The high results that the Vietnamese 15-year old students gained from the PISA tests is the Vietnamese pride and joy. However, this has also made Vietnamese embarrassed: why is Vietnam still poor, though its people are very intelligent?
Vietnamese students among top-performers in PISA survey

Vietnam, the poorest country among the 65 countries which attended the OECD launched PISA tests, has caused a big surprise to the whole world with its high achievements. Vietnam ranks the 17th among the 65 ranked countries and territories. It ranks 8th in science with 528 scores, 17th in math (511 scores) and 19th in reading comprehensive."The results are a surprise to us (the Ministry of Education and Training). We initially thought that "average” or "below average” would be the results for Vietnam,” said Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Vinh Hien, adding that Vietnam’s education has been heavily criticized for its problems in recent years. "The results showed that Vietnam’s general education is satisfactory,” Hien said. The high results gained by Vietnamese students have been reported by international newspapers as miraculous achievements. Daily Mail, while comparing Vietnam with the rising star, emphasized that Vietnam ... Xem thêm
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English teaching: Universities strive for "Vietnamese int'l standards”
VietNamNet Bridge – Nearly all the universities in Vietnam pledge (CAM KẾT) the international standards TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, B1 for their graduates’ English skills. However, the "international standards” remain doubtful.
High English skills required by schools
The HCM City Economics University is one of a few schools which require their students to submit international English certificates when finishing the school. Since 2009, the school decided that all the school’s graduates must have TOEIC 450-550 certificates. 
According to Nguyen Van Duong, Deputy Head of the Training Division, students can study English at the school to obtain 8-12 credits. Later, they have to show TOEIC certificates with the required marks, or equivalent English certificates to be able to graduate the school. 
"The school does not come forward and organize exams for students. We only request students to submit English certificates to ensure the objectiveness and the quality,” Duong explained. 
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VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of female students in Can Tho City have joined teenagers’ forums just to fight over the same-sex marriage right. They acknowledge themselves as lesbians, though they are actually not lesbians. 
Two female students, one with short hair and the other with long hair, were seen sitting in the middle of the school yard cuddling each other in front of their friends. They did not care about the people around them and ignored the teachers as well. 
The scene was seen at a high school in Can Tho City. When asked about this, the school’s Communist Youth Union’s Secretary said there are six couples of lesbians in the school. 
The two students looked like a couple of husband and wife who were sulky with each other. The student with long hair asked: "Why did you keep me waiting for such a long time” – "I had to wait until the lesson finished,” t ... Xem thêm
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VietNamNet Bridge – In Vietnamese parents’ thoughts, "international schools” means international high education quality. However, the truth is quite otherwise. international schools, students, parents,Vietnamese culture

International schools are not international
The most outstanding feature of the education establishments introduced themselves as "international schools” is the intensive English teaching curricula applied there. Parents feel secure when sending their children to the schools, because they think that the British, US or New Zealand’s curricula would be better for the children than that of Vietnamese. 
According to the former Director of the HCM City Education and Training Department Huynh Cong Minh, in principle, international schools must be understood as the internationally recognized schools which follow foreign curricula. 
This means that a lot of international schools in Vietnam are not "international” at all. They are the Vietnamese schools which teach Vietnamese students. The schools, after getting the permission from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to run foreign curricula at the same time under the mode of bilingual sc ... Xem thêm
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