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To help both students and teachers enhance their public speaking skill and improve their life skills, the English Group of Chu Van An high school has planned to organize the so called " ESC" which is considered one of the very creative and beneficial extracurricular activities. After the group meeting on November, 28, 2013, the initial plan for the club was discussed thoroughly and in details. The ESC is due to start at the beginning of the second term this year. The organizers of the club consist of the English teachers and the best students selected from all manner of classes. According to the plan, there are some groups in charge of the activities and sections in the club: Marketing team, speakers, MC, music band to name a few. The ESC , as it is believed, comes into being with the hope that it will raise students' awareness of the importance of English these days. Moreover,it also helps create a friendly environment for English learners to share their feelings and experience about their English learning and life to be. 

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Yoni massage, which is basically the massage of the genital area in women, is offered via online ads to urban Vietnamese women. Shockingly, there are services in which male masseurs use their penis for the job. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as "sacred space" or "Sacred Temple." There are many such ads for this sensual service on social networking sites and forums. "You want to relax after a day at work? We offer Yoni massage services at home or other private locations for ladies. Please contact Mr. Hung at 0934….” – reads an ad for Yoni massage service on a forum. An investigation report by Phap Luat (Laws) and Xa Hoi (Society) Newspaper found that Yoni massage has become rather in vogue for local women in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. A Yoni massage user said "My marriage crashed so I felt listless and found life boring. A friend recommended Yoni massage to reduce stress, so I wanted to try it. I was embarrassed for the first time but I quickly became accustomed to it. Now, I can not quit.” T. in his 30s, leader of a Yoni massage team, told Phap Luat and Xa Hoi: "Some call it Yoni massage, some call sensual message. All of our customers are ladies. But our job is not elicit as many people suppose”. T. later showed some photos of his service and explained: "Our job is ... Xem thêm
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VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training will carry out an English teacher quality assessment at colleges and universities nationwide in September.

English teacher, teaching methods, universities nationwide
Teachers are required to have 90 points or more on the TOEFL iBT, 7.0 in IELTS, 850 for all four English communication skills in TOEIC tests or have passed the Cambridge CAE, CPE.
Lecturers for specialised courses must have 70 points or more on the TOEFL iBT, 5.5 points of IELTS, level four certificates issued by the Ministry of Education and Training or have passed the Cambridge CAE, CPE.
On September 30, 2008, the Prime Minister issued Resolution 1400 on foreign language teaching and learning during period of 2008-2020. Out of 3,650 foreign language teachers who were assessed in Hanoi, HCM City and the provinces of An Giang and Tien Giang, only 454 teachers met the requirements.
The Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Nguyen Vinh Hien, said that although the resolution was issued in 2008, they only received funding for implementation of the project in 2011. Hien said the most difficult task is teacher training.
"There are several teachers of Russian who have turned to teaching English," said the deputy minister of Hai Duong Province's Department of Education and Training with ... Xem thêm
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VietNamNet Bridge – As many as 1,660 English language teachers at secondary and high schools nationwide will undergo further training to sharpen their English teaching skills this year. 

English language teachers, schools nationwide, English teaching skills, further training 
An English lesson of students of the Quang Trung high school, Hanoi.  
The first course began on July 29 and runs through September 8 while the next one is scheduled for October 1-27, according to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). 
Eleven universities will involve in providing the training, such as University of Languages and International Studies under the Vietnam National University and College of Foreign Languages of the Hue University. 
The teachers will be trained to achieve level B1 in English (for secondary-school teachers) and B2, a higher level (for high-school teachers) as measured by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 
The MOET required the universities involved to active ... Xem thêm
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VietNamNet Bridge – Ha Noi and HCM City are working to smooth traffic flows for candidates attending this year's university entrance exams which start today, July 4, around the country.

A volunteer shows a university candidate how to find his examination hall. More than 800,000 candidates have registered to sit for the first wave of the exam.
More than 800,000 candidates in groups A (mathematics, physics, and chemistry), A1 (mathematics, physics and English) and V (mathematics, physics and drawing) have registered to sit for the first wave of the exam which will end tomorrow.
Head of Ha Noi Police's Road and Traffic Police Office Dao Vinh Thang said the exams were organised during normal days, not weekends, so there would be more traffic pressure and huge traffic jams could happen.
Ha Noi traffic police would take various measures to response to the situation to ensure candidates arrived at exam venues safely and on time, he said at a recent meeting held to discuss traffic plans for the exam days.
Police have been mobilised at all exam venues to help guide traffic while priorities will be given to candidates and their families to enable them to get access to exam venues in time.
Traffic police were also responsible for guiding candidates to exam venues and would give them a lift if they are late, Thang sai ... Xem thêm
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VietNamNet Bridge – Proctors seem to feel more worried than the examinees who attend the high school final exams, because they fear they may violate the exam regulations accidentally. 
More than one million students would attend the finals in 10 days. Meanwhile, schools still feel puzzled when implementing the new regulations which allow examinees to bring recorders into exam rooms. 
Do Viet Khoa, a teacher well known for his efforts to fight against the exam cheating, applauded the new regulation, saying that the proctors would have to do their works more seriously, because they know their works would be supervised. 
Tran Van Thi, Headmaster of the Luc Ngan 3 High School, said he has disseminated the exam regulations to all the teachers and students of the school. 
The new regulations would allow strengthening the supervision of examinees over the proctors’ works and forcing them to heighten their responsibility. With the cameras in the exam rooms, examinees can show the proofs of the wrongdoings conducted by proctors, if these occur. 
However, Thi said, the teachers have compl ... Xem thêm
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