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Một số câu dùng để "chào" và "tạm biệt" đồng nghĩa nhau

Thông thường khi gặp một ai đó, mình thường chào hỏi và tạm biệt bằng mấy câu đơn giản như Hi ! Hello ….Goodbye….Ngoài ra còn rất nhiều câu khác để sử dụng trong tình huống này mà hình như mình chưa đến nhiều lắm…Nay mình xin chia sẻ với các bạn thêm…

Chào hỏi bình thường nhưng mang tính chất lễ nghi, trang trọng. (General greetings) (Formal).

    • Hello!
    • How are you?
    • How are you doing?
    • How is everything? ... Xem thêm
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Among many festivals celebrated in Vietnam, Teachers’Day is a special day for teachers.I t’s always celebrated on a fixed day in November. It’s the 20th of the month.It’s been celebrated in Vietnam for many years to show respect  and love to teachers.On this occasion, schools often have meetings for teachers and talks about Teachers’ Day .Students often give their beloved teachers flowers and beautiful wishes . I myself enjoy the festival very much as / because  it’s a chance for friends to gather and visit our teachers. We always have a great time.
Category: Luyện viết Tiếng Anh | Views: 4547 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 30-01-10

As planned, the meeting of the AG English Teaching Group took place at Binh Khanh high school, Long Xuyen city. To begin the meeting, Mr Khanh, the leader  of AG English Group reported some achievements achieved for the last few months. Besides, some comments on the advantages and disadvantages that we  have had were also made during the meeting.Some comments on the First Term Test Paper were made from the group members; According to Mr .Thoai from Nguyen Huu Canh high school , the grammar points did not seem difficult for students, but the reading parts made them embarrassed because of word usage.Some of the teachers agreed that the test paper was suitable for students. It helped grade the level of students .At the end of the meeting, Mr .Khanh proposed some plans and activities for the next months. The meeting ended successfully at about 10:30.
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These English pronunciation tips will help you get the most out of your Pronunciation Power program. 

Tip 1
Do not confuse pronunciation of words with their spelling! For example, "threw" and "through", although spelled differently, are pronounced the same. Also, identical letters or letter clusters in words do not always produce the same sound. For example, the "ough" in "though" and "through" represents a different sound in each word. Learn to practise what you hear, not what you see.

Tip 2
Imagine a sound in your mind before you say it. Try to visualize the positioning of your mouth and face. Think about how you are going to make the sound.

Tip 3
Listen to and try to imitate the Pronunciation Power instructor. In addition to listening for specific sounds, pay attention to pauses, the intonation of the instructor's voice and patterns of emphasis. This can be just as important as the pronunciation of sounds.

Tip 4
The English language has many different dialects, and words can be pronounced differently. It is important, however, that you pronounce words clearly to ensure effective communication.

Tip 5
Finally, the Pronunciation Power pro ... Xem thêm

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Time goes by as quickly as a dog runs ( my own sayings ). The nearer Tet is coming, the more I miss about the 2009 Tet. Looking at the old picture above reminds me of what we had last year . I remember that It was about 5 days before the Tet that I, Mr Bao, Mr long, Mr Khoa and Mr Van had a drink at Hai San pub, then we suggested some plans for welcoming the lunar new year 2009. The first thing we did was that we had to contact our old friends of the same school year 1994-1995. After that we suggested some activities to do on Tet days; On the 5th day of the Tet we gathered at Quyen's house and at about 8 we rode our motorbikes to our old teacher's house. We had a warm party there .We really had so many good memories we have always rememberered and will always remember. Now Everything seems to come back to me when the lunar new year 2010 is coming nearer and nearer. Happy New Year to all of you, my friends

For 15 years, we've drifted here and there
For a better life we've worked moil and toil
For good memories we come back to school
And a sweet home we've forgotten since we left school.

( This article is for the students of the school year 1994-1995, Phu Tan high school )


Category: Luyện viết Tiếng Anh | Views: 856 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 07-01-10

       Spring Festival 2009 has come to an end and has made me think a lot about university life. As an English-majored student, I am always interested in this very special event held by the Department of Foreign
Languages. For this reason, I feel very excited and eager every time when Spring Festival comes. For me, this is a great opportunity for English-majored students not only to relax but also to show their abilities in speaking English and expressing emotions in English. Therefore, this event could partly be considered a "reservation” for students majoring in English to "brighten” themselves.

        Before this interesting occasion, students of English classes had had hard but enjoyable time giving the performances of their own works. I
am very keen on acting so I’d written a short skit named "Stop on time” telling about students’ bad habit of gambling. As we - my teachers,
classmates and I- rehearsed the skit, I’ve learned a lot of interesting lessons. I’ve realized that "two heads are better than one”. Unification is very important to our success. I myself couldn’t make the skit successful. Thus, as the unprofessional actors and actresses gathered, more ideas have been added to the skit so that it became funny and meanin ... Xem thêm

Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 732 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 06-01-10

Studying at High School and University

I am a first-year student of An Giang University. I am very happy that I can continue my studies so that I will become a teacher as I have wished for years. Some years ago, I used to think that everything at high school and at university was similar, so I was surprised when I first came to An Giang University because it was very different; however, there were also some similarities. Now I would like to tell you about the similarities and the differences between life as a high school student and life as a university student.

I was proud that I was a student of Thoai Ngoc Hau High School. It was the most famous school of An Giang Province, so it was rather large. There were thirty six classes with over four hundred students and about sixty teachers. It had two computer labs but they were single-user computers, so we used them only to study informatics. There was also a library, it was rather small compared with a well-equipped public library. When we studied gymnastics or organized sport matches, we entered the gymnasium; however, it didn’t have enough apparatuses. The school-yard was wide enough for us to play sports after 5 p.m everyday. When we felt sick or had a pain in our body, we could have come to the school clinic. Every month, we had some activities for each subject such as present ... Xem thêm

Category: Bản tin Tiếng Anh | Views: 1364 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 06-01-10

             Each country has its own custom and tradition clearly manifested on the aniversaries , especially on the new year.In Viet Nam, on 15th December each year when people strip the apricot trees off their leaves and water melons are showed on sale everywhere, people get ready to welcome the lunar new year with their merriment and joy and prepare everything for the Tet. On 23rd December, those who worship Buddha hold a ceremony to send off the Kitchen God. The nearer Tet is coming, the more excited / moved everyone feels, the elder and the young alike, male and female as well  This is a special occasion for family reunion to recall happy memories and to welcome the lunar new year after a long year of hard working. Everyone avoids talking nonsense on the Tet days and tries to keep good humour toward each other. They often visit to congratulate together and enjoy the specialties of the festival such as Mut, Banh ... Xem thêm
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Category: THPT Chu Van An | Views: 1044 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 24-12-09

Lễ khai giảng qua đi, trong mỗi người đều dần xác định những con đường tương lai cho bản thân và ra sức học tập để có những thành tích tốt nhất. Nhưng chắc hản bất kì ai trong khoảnh khắc cũng đều mơn man nỗi nhớ niềm thương về điều gì đó, những điều đã qua, những điều sắp phải đánh đổi và những điều trân trọng biết bao.Săp tới đây còn biết bao gian nan thử thách : Thi HSG cấp Tỉnh -Tốt

Bước chân không ngừng nghỉ, bước chân hướng về tương lai, đó là bước chân của chúng  tôi-học sinh THPT Chu Văn An!
Category: THPT Chu Van An | Views: 688 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 05-10-09

International Cooperation has been being considered one of the tasks of priority in the development strategy of the University of Social
Sciences and Humanities (USSH). At present, the USSH has signed cooperative agreements with more than 100 international partners
including universities, institutions, foundations, agencies, organizations from many countries:
  • Argentine: National University of La Plata (Institute of International Relations), National University of Rio Cuarto.
  • Australia:
    University of New South Wales (Korea - Australasia Research Centre ), Australia National University (Research School of Pacific and Asian
    Studies), Willcox English College,
  • Belgium: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Brazil: University of Brasilia Foundation
  • Canada: University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • China:
    Baise College, Beijing University for Finance and Economics, Guangdong University for Foreign Studies, Guangxi Economic Management Cadre College, Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi Education College, Guangxi College of Finance and Economics, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxi Dongfang Foreign Language College, Guangxi University, Peiking University, Qinzhou College, Yunnan National ... Xem thêm
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September 19, 2009.
After evening class, I stayed at school because my workmate wanted to meet me.From what he said, I could guess something wrong with him.He looked unhappy and disappointed. At about 8, we went to Hoa Vien cafe and had a cup of coffee. Then we chatted with each other. He told me about some problems he was facing. I felt sorry for him and consoled him. What he had met did not seem strange to me. I have remembered my beloved teacher, Mrs Ho Thi Nguyet said "Such is life" . In real life, Everything isn't as good as we expected.Oh I feel sleepy now. Bye bye.
Category: Luyện viết Tiếng Anh | Views: 809 | Added by: Ngân | Date: 21-09-09

Nghệ thuật đặt câu hỏi là một trong những kỹ năng cơ bản của giáo viên trong quá trình dạy học. Tri thức và nhận thức được coi là động lực bên trong của mỗi người học. Vì vậy, nhiệm vụ của giáo viên là khám phá nhận biết và tri thức tiềm ẩn của người học để giúp họ đạt được tới những mức độ cao hơn.

Nghệ thuật hỏi không chỉ cung cấp kiến thức mà còn giúp người học liên kết khái niệm, suy luận, tăng khả năng nhận thức, kích thích óc sáng tạo và trí tưởng tượng, trợ giúp tư duy phân tích và giúp người học khám phá những cấp độ sâu hơn về sự hiểu biết, suy nghĩ và trí tuệ. Sau đây chúng tôi xin đưa ra 5 loại câu hỏi cơ bản mà giáo viên thường sử dụng trong dạy học. Tùy thuộc vào mục đích bài học, trình độ học sinh cũng như những hoàn cảnh khác nhau, mức độ sử dụng các loại câu hỏi có thể khác nhau.

1.Câu hỏi dựa vào sự thực (Factual)

Đây là những câu hỏi khá đơn giản, câu trả lời đưa ra dựa vào những kiến thức hiển nhiên. Những câu này thường dựa vào mức tri thức và tình cảm thấp nhất và câu trả lời thường được xác định rõ là đúng hay sai.

Ví dụ: Name the Shakespeare play about the Prince of
Denmark? (Hãy nêu tên vở kịch của Shakespeare nói

về Hoàng tử Đan Mạch)

2. Dạng câu hỏi quy nạp (Convergent)

Câu trả lời của những câu hỏi này thường ở mức độ chính xác có thể ... Xem thêm

Category: Phương pháp dạy & học | Views: 660 | Added by: dangthanhtam | Date: 16-09-09

Trong ba màu trắng, xanh và hồng bạn thích màu nào nhất? Bạn có biết màu của mình nói lên điều gì về công việc của bạn? Trong tiếng Anh ta có ba từ dùng màu sắc để chỉ nghề nghiệp, đó là blue-collar worker, white-collar worker và pink-collar worker. Những từ này có nguồn gốc từ màu đặc trưng trên trang phục của những người mặc nó. Công nhân áo xanh (blue-collar worker) chính là giai cấp công nhân, những người thường làm các công việc tay chân và nhận lương theo giờ. Từ này bắt nguồn từ tiếng Anh Mỹ. Đầu tiên, nó dùng để chỉ mã quần áo nơi làm việc. Trước đây, những công nhân này thường mặc áo đồng phục màu xanh nước biển (navy blue). Những bộ quần áo này khá dày và thường đi kèm với các vật dụng có thể bảo vệ công nhân khỏi bị thương như mũ cứng, hoặc ủng thép.

Nhân viên văn phòng (white-collar worker) thường làm những công việc ít nặng nhọc nhưng có lương cao hơn những người lao động tay chân. Họ thường là bác sỹ, luật sư, nhà quản lý, v.v.
Từ này bắt nguồn từ những chiếc áo sơ mi với những chiếc cúc trắng mà những người làm nghề trên thường mặc.
Công nhân áo hồng (pink-collar worker) thường để chỉ những người phụ nữ làm những công việc văn phòng truyền thống như đánh máy, nghe điện thoại, v.v. Vào những năm 50 của thế kỷ 20, nhân viên thường mặc áo sơ mi sáng màu và màu hồng là màu phổ biến. Từ đó, những công việc áo hồ ... Xem thêm

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The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is launching a global information campaign to help communities deal with the Swine Flu virus. The Red Cross says its main focus will be on the developing countries, which do not have the same level of medical and monitoring facilities as the developed countries.

The Red Cross says people in developing countries are most vulnerable to the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. But, they also are most likely not to have the information they need that could save their lives.

So, while the campaign is global, the Red Cross says a priority is to reach people in the most remote corners of the world within the next few weeks with its life-saving messages.

Tamman Aloudat, IFRC Sr. Officer, Health in Emergencies, at a press briefing about the H1N1 campaign in Geneva, Switzerland, 04 Sep 2009
Tamman Aloudat, IFRC Sr. Officer, Health in Emergencies, at a press briefing about the H1N1 campaign in Geneva, Switzerland, 04 Sep 2009
Senior Red Cross Officer for Health in Emergencies, Tammam Aloudat, says countries in the Northern hemisphere have gone through the first wave of the Swine flu pandemic and now have to prepare for a second wave of the virus.

He says no one knows whether the second wave will be more severe than the first or will remain moderate.

"It does not really ... Xem thêm

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Freshmore và Passthought được dùng như thế nào?

Cần hiểu hai từ Freshmore và Passthought như thế nào? Chúng là kết hợp của những từ nào trong tiếng Anh?

Trả lời:

1. Freshmore:

Freshmore được cấu thành bởi hai từ đơn freshman (sinh viên, học sinh năm thứ nhất) và sophomore (Sinh viên, học sinh năm thứ hai). Freshmore được hiểu là một sinh viên, học sinh năm thứ hai phải học lại tất cả hoặc một vài môn học của năm thứ nhất.

Ví dụ:

Last school year, 17 percent of Georgia’s ninth-grade high school students did not earn enough credits for promotion to the 10th grade, according to figures from the Columbia County school system. School officials refer to those student as “freshmore”. - Donnie Fetter, “Extra help for ‘freshmore’, “The Augusta Chronicle, August 27, 2006.

Cơ hội nhận quà đến hết ngày 15 tháng 9

Làm thế nào để đăng kí học online?

Trang học trực tuyến lớn nhất Việt nam

Thông tin mệnh giá thẻ học

(Theo con số thống kê trên hệ thống các trường ở Columbia, năm ngoái có tới 17 % số học sinh lớp chín không đủ điều kiện để học lên lớp mười. Các nhân viên và giáo viên trong trường gọi những họ sinh này là “freshmores”.-Theo Donnie Fetter, chuyên mục Trợ giúp cho ‘freshmores’, báo tin tức hàng ngày Augusta, số ra ngày 27 tháng 8 năm 2006.

2. Passthought:

Passthought được cấu thành bởi hai từ đơn password ( ... Xem thêm

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o To tell the truth, I'm not the kind of such hard-working students . However, this finally brings me some experience of how to learn English when I'm lazy.

♥ I always make use of all the opportunities to learn English, esp speaking. All other members of my family can hardly speak English, so I must practice at home by myself. It sounds ridiculous, but I talk to myself in English almost all the time when I'm alone. Washing dishes, clothes, bathing , going on the streets..., all of them are my own wonderful spaces and time to practice speaking English on my own and for myself. Thus, after a short time of doing that way, I find speaking English something natural, as Vietnamese always say " easy like eating candies " To some extent, I find it much more convenient when express ing my ideas in English

♥ Next, I try to participate in all the activities in which I can use my English. For instance, it can be a trip around  Forbbiden Mount, working as a tour guide for a professor coming from England. What else can be members of English Club , where you can not only make friends, enjoy urselves but also learn a lot from others. Another more academic stuff is ur attitude at school. You should make use of all opportunities to raise your voice, to speak out lou ... Xem thêm

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U.S. President Barack Obama says progress is being made toward passing legislation to reform the way Americans pay for health care. The president is also using his weekly address to debunk what he calls "outlandish rumors" about his plan.

President Obama says health insurance reform is critical to the nation's long-term economic strength. And he is praising four committees in Congress for agreeing on what he calls "a difficult and complex challenge." "There are still details to be hammered out. There are still differences to be reconciled. But we are moving toward a broad consensus on reform," he said.

Mr. Obama says opponents of his health reform plan have been spreading false information about what the proposal will and will not do. "And let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that reform will promote euthanasia, or cut Medicaid (the government program to help senior citizens pay for health care), or bring about a government takeover of health care. That is simply not true," he said.

In the Republican response, Bob McDonnell, a candidate for governor of the state of Virginia, says his party also wants to fix health insurance. But he says it should be done without excessive government intervention. "We are committed to helping more Americans to get the health care coverage they n ... Xem thêm

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Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett warns that efforts to save some endangered plants and animals may be abandoned due to a lack of money.
Garrett says the government plans to concentrate on protecting fragile ecosystems rather than individual species.

Peter Garrett says Australia's record of protecting its biodiversity has been poor. He proposes a more "holistic and strategic" approach to protecting vulnerable species.

The country is investigating more cost-effective ways to protect the environment as budgets have been hit hard by the global economic slowdown.

Saving entire ecosystems rather than focusing on individual species is part of the government's plan. This would include enhancing efforts to safeguard the Great Barrier Reef. It stretches for more than 2,000 kilometers along Australia's northeast coast and is home to a wonderful array of mollusks, fish, sea snakes and birds.

View of Australia's Great Barrier Reef
View of Australia's Great Barrier Reef
The World Heritage Area attracts more than 2 million visitors every year, but is being degraded by warming ocean temperatures, pollution and over-fishing.

Like most countries, Australia has to balance economic growth with protecting its environment. But Environment Minister G ... Xem thêm

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Hundreds of people angry about the lead poisoning of their children attacked a metal smelting plant suspected of causing the problem.

About 100 police officers were sent to Shaanxi province's Changqing township after villagers broke into the smelting plant Monday.

The protesters broke down the fence surrounding a special plant railway. Police say they are in control of the scene, but at least 10 trucks were damaged.

Chinese boy gets treatment for lead poisoning at a hospital in Changqing, north China's Shaanxi province, 15 Aug 2009
Chinese boy gets treatment for lead poisoning at a hospital in Changqing, north China's Shaanxi province, 15 Aug 2009
The attack comes after medical tests revealed at least 615 children in two nearby villages have excessive levels of lead in their blood. These children live near the Dongling Lead and Zinc Smelting Company plant.

Lead poisoning occurs when the body absorbs lead, either by eating it or breathing it in. Dr. Marie Shieh of Beijing United Family Hospital says children are more vulnerable to lead poisoning than adults.

"They absorb the lead more easily in their digestive tract, and they have gaps in their blood-brain barrier that allows the lead to be deposited in their brain," said Shieh.

Some of the children tested in Shaanxi have blood lead lev ... Xem thêm

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